Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 8

Thermopolis, WY, acquiring its name from the hot spring around which the town built its resort reputation, has an unusual tourist attraction-the ti pi geyser. Evidently at the turn of the last century the townsfolk constructed a stone ti pi with a pipe to create a fountain at the top, diverted from a hot spring. Mineral deposits quickly grew on the ti pi and the picture above is what developed over a hundred years.

Only my fellow "300" enthusiasts will appreciate the connection between Thermopolis & the Battle of Thermopylae-hence the bicep pic. I appreciate my wife humoring me-we didn't stop at Sparta, WI, however, for the same shot.

On to the Black Hills and Custer, SD for fireworks over Mt. Rushmore. The drive across rural Wyoming and into South Dakota was enjoyable. We stopped at the Powder River Pass summit and took a brisk and windy hike to the top. At Rushmore we joined over 30,000 other people to watch the fireworks. It was a mad house and our view of the fireworks due to the crowd was less than spectacular (half of George's head only). Also less than spectacular was the 5+ mile round trip hike to our car from Rushmore due to traffic and parking. Daughter on shoulders up the mountain and carrying her down the mountain on the way back at midnight our time. Ugghh!

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