Thursday, July 10, 2008


Enjoy the pictures and short stories from our great Westward Ho vacation of 2008. Capturing the spirit and the vastness of the West is difficult to do in pictures, but I bet your appreciation for the beauty of it will grow as did ours. For future, more in-depth observations from our great trip visit me over at

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Josh Gallaher said...

appreciate the comment, and the insight, thanks for stopping by!

Brian Butko said...

Loved following along on your trip, looks like it was a lot of fun!

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Teddie Lynn Hill said...

Absolutely loved seeing all your pictures and reading your commentary. Your trip mirrored our several trips along your same route. We even had supper at the Blue Bell Lodge in Custer, too! I hope you tried the buffalo burgers there...very good!

The only thing I have not seen is the Laura Ingalls Wilder areas. Always wanted to but time constraints have not allowed it. Next time!

We were at Yellowstone over the 4th of July holiday and, on a fluke, decided to see if there was a room for the night at the original Yellowstone Lodge. Keep in mind, there is a 1-2 year wait for rooms there over the 4th of July. However, the guy had just gotten off the phone with a cancellation and he gave the room to us because we were standing there at the desk! It was cheap, too! About $55 for 2 people, if I remember right.

You and I are kindred spirits. I have never met you in person but I can feel it. I wish that you were still living in the 308 S. Michigan house. I am sure that you are loving all the extra room you have now. I just hope that whomever is there now loves it like our family and your family did. So many memories there. So happy that we rescued that house. Only you might be able to imagine what it looked like before we saved it.

The next time you go west, keep going out to the Pacific Northwest. It will take your breath away! The Southern Oregon Coast is probably my favorite but it is hard to pick a favorite. Such beauty! Mt. Rainier, Seattle's Pike Place Market, Olympic National Park, Crater Lake, John Day Fossil Beds, and many more.

What a memory-making trip this 2008 trip was for your children. So many families don't do road trips anymore and they don't know what they are missing. Good for you that you do! Keep doing them!
--Teddie Lynn Hill